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sg is a bi-annual Workshop + Conference, this year entitled sg2020 Vision, at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, US, from 1st-6th June 2020. The sg2020 Workshop and Conference is a gathering of the global community of innovators and pioneers in the fields of architecture, design and engineering.


sg2020 Vision


Humans change the world. Design both enables and realizes this change. But the current rate and reach of global transformation challenges design to learn, adapt and act. The climate crisis, urbanization, population growth (and decline in some places), and technological complexity each pose deep issues for design.

Design needs new views, tools and practices. Practitioners and researchers must understand and embrace the design, science and social policy of sustainability, robotics, big data, machine learning, the Internet of things, the data economy and much more.

Design’s scope, reach, technologies and tools will all change radically. But to what end? And how?

At sg2020 we seek new visions for design and new strategies for achieving wise change. We seek viewpoints that expand our capabilities to deal with the existential issues we face.

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