Architectural design with computational tools

Smartgeometry (sg) was founded in 2001 as a partnership between practice, research and academia, formed by members of the world's leading architectural and engineering practices and educational institutions. To the new generations of designers, engineers and architects, mathematics and algorithms are becoming as natural as pen and pencil. sg promotes the emergence of this new paradigm in which digital designers and craftsmen are able to intelligently exploit the combination of digital and physical media to take projects from design right through to production.


sg Organisation

sg is run entirely by passionate volunteers who balance their professional careers often competing against each other, with investment of time and energy in the wider community.

The magic of sg lies in its curious mix of community and competition, which conspires to inspire and provoke. The excitement of each sg event is the anticipation of the unknown, the creative mix and intensity of ideas. Each year generates heightened expectations which inevitably challenge the current design methodologies.


sg Community

The sg community is built on bi-annual workshops and an international conference. sg is a truly global community with participants and cluster champions coming together from countries spread across the planet. As modern design has progressed and the tools and techniques have matured, the sg community has emerged as a forum where the new critical language of digital architecture can be formed.


sg Directors

Jane Burry

Swinburne University, Melbourne

J Parrish

AECOM, London

Samuel Wilkinson

Foster + Partners, London

Shane Burger

Woods Bagot, NYC

Lars Hesselgren

PLP Architects, London

Hugh Whitehead

Foster + Partners, London (retired)

Xavier De Kestelier

Hassell Studio, London

Brady Peters

University of Toronto

Rob Woodbury

Simon Fraser University, Vancouver


Sg Book


Inside Smartgeometry: Expanding the Architectural Possibilities of Computational Design (AD Smart) Hardcover

by Terri Peters & Brady Peters