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Tube Bridge - Chris Williams

Tube Bridge - Chris Williams

The SmartGeometry Group is in the process of registering itself as an educational charity with the aim to furthering advanced education and research in the area of advanced 3D CAD applications..

The group is dedicated to educating the construction professions in the new skills which will be required to use these new systems effectively. The SmartGeometry Group includes Lars Hesselgren (KPF), Hugh Whitehead (Foster and Partners), J Parrish (Arup Sport) and Robert Aish (Bentley)

They all have background in parametric modelling as applied to architecture and their work has resulted in some of the most admired buildings of the 21st century - Swiss Re and GLA in London, the Sydney Olympic Stadium in Sydney, the Waterloo International Station.

Currently their development efforts are focused on the new CustomObject technology being created by Robert Aish at Bentley Systems.

The group will run a series of schools and seminars where this new technology will be explored in the context of highly experienced professionals. The current plan is to alternate the venues between EU and US locations.

SmartGeometry Summer School 2003
The SmartGeometry Summer School took place from Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12 June 2003 at the Moller Centre, Cambridge University.

SmartGeometry Summer Conference 2003
The SmartGeometry Summer Conference took place at the Wolfson Hall, Churchill College, Cambridge on Friday, June 13 2003.

conference speakers

Chris Williams, University of Bath
Mathematically generated forms

Eduardo R Lyon, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Jason Ahmed, Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners
Spiral Roof

Jooryung Kim, saia
sculptural forms

Judith Leuppi, Arup Los Angeles

Paul Shepherd, Buro Happold
Fibonacci roof form

Sean Hanna, UCL
Folding Panels