sg2006 Cambridge/London, UK


The SmartGeometry Group is holding a workshop dedicated to the future of CAD and digital architecture. The twin themes of digital simulation and digital fabrication will change the way we think about buildings and applicants must show ability in digital environments and have interesting ideas that can be explored in a workshop environment with equal-minded peers.

The workshop will concentrate on exploring the possible feedback mechanisms between AEC design and computation. Computation includes simulation, optimisation, form finding, evaluation, genetic algorithms and any other methodology designed to enhance the design/computer interaction. The workshop will be based on using the integrative tools available in Bentley GC which allows scripting in a dialect of C# as well as integration with any application running under the Microsoft .net environment. Attendants will be given evaluation copies of the software well in advance of the workshop. In addition there will be introductory workshops for attendees not yet familiar with GC and gc scripting. 


28th January - 31st January 2006
Cambridge UK

The workshops are to be held at the Moller Centre, which offers a perfect setting in Cambridge for the workshops with purpose-built meeting rooms, en-suite bedrooms , excellent cuisine and leisure facilities.

Workshop Stream 1 - Integrating software with parametric CAD package

This workshop is aimed at participants with software development experience and possibly existing applications and it will explore the opportunities opened up by directly accessing an industry standard CAD package through its parametric implementation. The workshop will explore the iterative possibilities thus made available and will encourage cross-discipline working. One of the many aims is to reduce feedback loop systems from days and weeks to seconds by making software applications available in one environment creating a more powerful design environment.

Workshop Stream 2 - Exploring Design with parametric CAD

This stream will focus on design exploration using parametric systems. Participants to be accepted have to propose interesting problems and propositions which will be explored during the workshop. In addition ad-hoc teams will be encouraged during the workshop.

conference speakers

Lars Hesselgren, KPF

Robert Aish, Bentley
Software design and GC Futures

Chuck Hoberman

Workshop Group #1 - Performance and Behaviour
Jalal El-Ali, Buro Happold,
Lisa Matthews, Bath , 
Kyle Steinfeld, KPF, 
Kaustov DeBiswas, MIT

Axel Kilian, MIT

Workshop Group #2 - Form and Computation
Rob Woodbury, Simon Fraser
Achim Menges, AA
Volker Muller, NBBJ
Neri Oxman, MIT

J Parrish, Arup Sport
Automating design - how far can we go?

Hanif Kara, AKT
Another Level of Preciseness

Workshop Group #3 - Composition and Components
Chris Williams, Bath
Marty Doscher, M0rphosis
Judit Kimpian, Aedas
Roly Hudson, Bath
Xavier De Kestelier, Foster + Partners

Chris Williams, Bath

Workshop Group #4 - Language and Logic
Axel Kilian, MIT,
Stylianos Dritsas, KPF,
Francis Aish, Foster + Partners,
Al Fisher, Bath

Hugh Whitehead, Foster + Partners
How we do it

Spencer de Grey, Foster + Partners

// Reception in British Museum, Great Court