sg10 conference

Day 1 - shop talk

1. conversation about a craft or occupation, particularly outside of working hours

2. specialized vocabulary concerning a particular craft or occupation

The SmartGeometry workshop has for several years been followed by an Alumni Summit. In 2010, reflecting the theme "Working Prototypes", the Alumni Summit became Shop Talk: a moment after intensive days of
innovative work to reflect on what has been accomplished and where the discipline is headed. The event featured informal discussions between leading practitioners and emerging talent in digital design, offering an inside perspective on how design prototypes are conceived, created, and tested. Shop Talk provided a rich context for the following day's Conference program, showing how the state of the art is forged in the studio.


Adam Davis SmartGeometry Group
Huw Roberts Bentley Systems

Make Sense: Learning How to Learn
Discussing the use of constraints and prototypes for experiments in art and design.

Eric Ellingsen Species of Space / Institut für Raumexperimente

Make a Difference: Educated Guesses
How do innovative prototypes affect design education? Can new ways of teaching be prototyped?
Rob Woodbury Simon Fraser University

Eric Ellingsen Species of Space / Institut für Raumexperimente
Axel Kilian Princeton University
Earl Mark University of Virginia

Make Do: Programming Prototypes
Increasingly, designers are becoming digital toolmakers. How does this trend affect the prototypes they create and use?
Makai Smith Bentley Systems

Flora Salim RMIT
Sean Ahlquist University of Stuttgart
Sawako Kajima Adams Kara Taylor
Przemek Jaworski Foster + Partners

Make it Add Up: Approaching Net Zero
How do mathematical models interact as prototypes and how are they tested?
Joy Ko RISD / Brown

Peter Liebsch ASTUDIO
Judit Kimpian Aedas

Research and Visions Update
Volker Mueller Bentley Systems

Makework: Manufacturing Procedures
Pioneers in digital manufacturing are prototyping new ways of making
Xavier de Kestelier Foster + Partners

Richard Buswell Loughborough University
Bart Van der Schueren Materialize
Enrico Dini Monolite
Rupert Soar Free Form Engineering
Tobias Bonwetsch ETH

Make Some Noise: Sounding Out Possibilities
Controlling the auditory environment through physical design artifacts.
Brady Peters Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

Martin Tamke CITA
Xavier Serra Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Ralph Bartschi ETH
Jose Manuel Berneguer Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Make It or Break It: Structuring Prototypes
How do prototypes function within the engineering and the design of structures? Do design prototypes succeed through failure?
Jeroen Coenders Arup / TU Delft

Will Laufs Thornton Tomassetti
Pavel Hladik Arup
Sam Joyce Bath University / Buro Happold

Make it Snappy: Tectonic Prototypes
Innovations in assembly are changing design at all scales
Axel Kilian Princeton University

Bruce Bell Facit
Achim Menges University of Stuttgart
Russel Loveridge EPFL Lausanne
Martha Tsigkari Foster + Partners

Day 2 - Symposium

Day Two of the sg2010 Conference featured leading researchers and practitioners in the field of computational design.

Hugh Whitehead SmartGeometry, Huw Roberts Bentley Systems


Geometry as Gaudi Design Driver
Mark Burry RMIT

Full-size Stone 3D Printing
Enrico Dini D-shape

Choice material from workshops and personal observations
Gregory Epps RoboFold Ltd., Earl Mark Virginia University


Racing Prototypes
Darren Davies Wirth Research

From Termites to Buildings
Ruper Soar Freeform Engineering Ltd / Loughborough Univerisity

Choice material from workshops and personal observations
Jonathan Rabagliati Foster + Partners, Rob Woodbury Simon Fraser University

Machinic Control: Design with customized CNC devices
Marta Male-Alemany IaaC

RepRap - The Replicating Rapid Prototyper
Adrian Bowyer Bath University

Choice material from workshops and personal observations
Xavier de Kestelier Foster + Partners, Achim Menges ICD / Stuttgart University


Engineering as Prototype
Hanif Kara Adams Kara Taylor

A Working Prototype of Networked Design
Jeroen Coenders Arup / TU Delft

Parametric Design Futures
Lars Hesselgren PLP Architecture

Choice material from workshops and personal observations
Axel Kilian Princeton University, Bruce Bell FACIT

Technology Update
Huw Roberts + Makai Smith Bentley Systems

Closing Remarks
Xavier de Kestelier Foster + Partners