sg13 workshop


The sg2013 Workshop will be organised around Clusters. Clusters are hubs of expertise. They comprise of people, knowledge, tools, materials and machines. The Clusters provide a focus for workshop participants working together within a common framework.

Clusters provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, processes and techniques and act as a catalyst for design resolution. The sg2013 Workshop is made up of ten Clusters that respond in diverse ways to the challenge.

The 10 selected clusters for sg2013 are below.

(a)synchronous streams

Champions: Luis E. Fraguada + James Melsom + Felipe Pecegueiro do Amaral Curado + Alexandre Dubor

(A)Synchronous Streams aims to develop alternative systems for urban site analysis which extend the act of collecting data about a location by utilizing low-cost helium balloons and UAV-based sensor networks operating from the ground level up to several hundred meters into the air.

adaptive structural skins

Champions: Daniel Bosa + Daniel Piker + Gregory Epps

Responsive Efficiency of Adaptive Structural Skins will explore how to form the load-bearing enclosure of a new generation of buildings through parametrization, analysis, optimization and form-finding.

computer vision & freeform construction

Champions: Julián Garcí + Juan Manuel Pérez + Roberto Molinos

Computer Vision and Freeform Construction will explore the disruptive capabilities of computer vision techniques in the field of complex-shape thin-vault realization.

digital intuition & prediction

Champions: Mirco Becker + Stylianos Dristas + David Kosdruy + Juan Subercaseaux

Digital Intuition & Prediction is rooted in the belief that we can augment intuition by enabling prediction via computation, this notion carries the implied question of the current and future state of design computation.


Champions: Henrik Malm + John Stack Ross

PAD (Probabalistic Architectural Design) addresses the sg2013 challenge Constructing for Uncertainty by coupling probability theory with parametric architectural and urban design.


projections of reality

Champions: Stefan Muller Arisona + Eva Friedrich + Bruno Moser + Dominik Nuessen + Lukas Treyer

Projections of reality will engage in augmenting design processes involving physical models with real time spatial analysis.

robotic foaming

Champions: Marjan Colletti + Georg Grasser + Kadri Tamre + Allison Weiler

Self-Supporting Filamentous Foam Structures, will explore robotics as a design interface for a non-linear fabrication process, operating in a new way between traditional representation, digital modeling and fabrication.

thermal reticulations

Champions: Alexander Pena de Leon + Jane Burry + Kamil Sharaidin + Mark Burry + Flora Salim

Thermal Reticulations will explore the ways in which we can measure the gap between the prediction of performance and the measurement of reality for facade design.

transformational strategies

Champions: Benamy Turkienicz + Volker Mueller + Tiemen Strobbe + Ernesto Bueno + Eduardo Carneiro

Transformational Strategies challenge how we conceive of transforming an existing city into one that is sustainable and environmentally resilient.

volatile territories

Champions: Bruce Davison + Dave Reeves + Elizabeth Tweedale

Volatile Territories will explore speculative urban design solutions through the self-organization of spatial boundaries within a set of hypothetical, yet measurable, political, economic and technological constructs.