sg2014 workshops


The sg2014 Workshop will be organised around Clusters. Clusters are hubs of expertise. They comprise of people, knowledge, tools, materials and machines. The Clusters provide a focus for workshop participants working together within a common framework.

Clusters provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, processes and techniques and act as a catalyst for design resolution. The sg2014 Workshop is made up of ten Clusters that respond in diverse ways to the challenge 'Urban Compaction'.


the bearable lightness of being

Champions: Robert Vierlinger + Matthew Tam + Kristjan Nielsen + Klass de Rykke + Corneel Cannaerts

The Bearable Lightness of Being is about designing and producing an event structure so light-weight that it will be able to be taken for a walk or even fly away.



Champions: Jose Sanchez + Satoru Sugihara + Sergio Irigoyen

BLOCK will test and develop a generative and analytically video game to speculate on the role of planning in spontaneous urban growth.


deep space

Champions: Gustav Fagerstrom + Nathan King
Experts: Nick Cote + Michael Kirschner

LOGJAM proposes an exploration of the potential of interspecies optimization for the construction of spatial structures.


design space exploration for urban compaction

Champions: Reinhard Koenig + Matthias Standfest + Lukas Treyer + Zeng Wei + Bernhard Klein

Design space exploration for Urban Compaction will investigate new computational design methods to synthesise urban designs according to specified requirements.


flows, bits, relationships: visualising social space

Champions: Kyle Steinfeld + Carlos Sandoval + John Victor-Faichney

Flows, Bits, Relationships: Visualising Social Space will experiment with organising data through an interconnected graph database to develop new ways to visualise and understand the spatial complexity of Hong Kong’s dense, interconnected commercial spaces.


fulldome projections: interfacing ephemeral urbanism

Champions: Nathan Melenbrink + Nathan King + Jonathan Grinham + Andrew Haas

Fulldome Projections invites participants to map Hong Kong’s temporary urbanism in order to project and explore future urban scenarios within an immersive environment.



Champions: Jason Carlow + Ramon van der Heijden + Alan Tai + Gustav Fagerström + Christian J. Lange

HK_smarTOWERS, drawing on the ubiquity of the high rise in Hong Kong, will focus on data harnessed from this typology and on its analysis and visualisation, as well as its use as design driver for novel approaches to tower massing, structure and organization.


private microclimates

Champions: Mani Williams + Daniel Prohasky + Mehrnoush Latifi + Philip Belesky + Mark Burry

Private Microclimates will explore strategies to design context specific mitigative thresholds for creating comfortable dwelling spaces.


resilient networks

Champions: David Bristow + Daniel Hambleton + Zackery Belanger + Aaron Adcock

Resilient Urban Network s will will apply the knowledge and digital tools of network resilience to dense urban infrastructure, informing the design and fabrication of working physical models.


spaces in experience

Champions: Cameline Bolbroe + Hugo Mulder + Kjell Yngve Petersen + Francesco Anselmo

Spaces in Experience will explore human experience in relation to adaptive environments through experiential sketching: a combination of actor training, people tracking, physical modelling and augmented reality.