sg2016 workshops


After four intense days of innovative work, the conference offers an opportunity for critical reflection on the topic of Hybrid Domains and the exposition of what has been accomplished in the Workshop. It is an opportunity to open debates, pose questions, challenge orthodoxies, and propose new ideas. The conference will feature invited international keynote speakers showcasing major projects and research from around the globe that mark out the territory of the year’s Challenge. Between keynote presentations it will also feature informal and open discussions between the speakers, invited respondents, leading practitioners, emerging talents in digital design and Cluster participants, offering inside perspectives on how computational design is creating hybrid disciplines.


atmospheric delight

Champions: Berardo Matalucci + Alicia Ann Walf
Experts: Kenton Phillips + Joshua Draper + Anna Dyson + Hugo Silva + Nancy Morgado Diniz

Atmospheric Delight aims to produce generative feedback loops between spatial scenarios and user experiences through a close working relationship between architecture and cognitive science.

calibrated modeling of form-active structures

Champions: Anders Holden Deleuran + Gregory Quinn
Experts: Daniel Piker + Will Pearson + Harri Lewis + Cecilie Brandt-Olsen

How can we implement projection based dynamic relaxation methods to unlock the latent potential of form-active hybrid structures?


LOGJAM: polar orthotropy and principal stresses

Champions: Gustav Fagerstrom + Nathan King
Experts: Nick Cote + Michael Kirschner

LOGJAM proposes an exploration of the potential of interspecies optimization for the construction of spatial structures.


MARS: martian autonomous robot swarm

Champions: Josef Musil + Jan Dierckx
Experts: Samuel Wilkinson + Miriam Dall'Igna
+ Richard Maddock + Philip Robinson + Xiaoming Yang
+Octavian Gheorghiu

MARS will research the challenges and opportunities to use an autonomous swarm robotic system to construct a protective shell for a Martian habitat.


mud, textiles, and robots for large structures

Champions: Stephanie Chaltiel + Alexandre Dubor
Experts: Stig Anton Nielsen + Toni Kotnik
+ Wilfredo Carazas + Gian Franco Noriega
+ Alondra Paz Vargas + Johan Selbing
+ Philippe Liveneau + Amal Abu Daya

This Cluster will work with the participants on exploring domes and large spans recursive geometries allowing the construction of earthen shells.



Champions: Sergio Pineda + Mallika Arora
Experts: Kenneth Harris + Andrew Williams
+ Benson Kariuki

A Collaboration Between Architects and Crystallographers. Nano-gyroids will bring together the fields of crystallography and architecture and will look at gyroid-like formations (along with other ways of interpreting structures of materials at the atomic level), with the aim of exploring how these three-dimensional surfaces can have a transformative potential in the design of objects and spaces surrounding humans.


parallel parametrics

Champions: Rob Woodbury + Mark Cichy
Experts: Volker Mueller + Doguscan Aladag
+ Arefin Mohiuddin + Maher Elkhaldi

The Parallel Parametrics Cluster will envision and demonstrate future design media that enable us to find, make, compare, combine, organize, remember, recall and reflect on many design ideas at once.


sensory detectives

Champions: Daniel Prohasky + Mehrnoush Latifi
Experts: Rafael Moya Castro + Chen CanHui
+ Nancy Yen-wen Cheng + Katrina Leigh Gaskin
+ Ehsan Shams + Hossein Najafi Hamed
+ Movahedian Alireza Bolandnazar

Sensory Detectives will be an immersive design experience visualise a physically simulated thermal environment question the dynamics of heat, moisture and air within an atmospheric pavilion design modular architectural elements and experience their effect through your body, electronic sensors and augmented reality.


swarmbot assemblage

Champions: Petra Jenning + Kirstin Petersen
Experts: Nils Napp

Swarmbot Assemblage will explore dynamic construction processes through the stigmergic interaction of autonomous robots and a malleable environment.


20,000 blocks above the ground 

Champions: Anton Savov + Benjamin Buckton
Experts: Sebastian Kotterer + Jorg Hartmann

Can gameplay be used to guide nonexpert groups in creating architecture?