sg2018:Machine Minds

Smartgeometry held our yearly Workshop + Conference, this year entitled sg2018:Machine Minds, at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, in Toronto, Canada, from 7-­12 April 2018. The sg2018 Workshop and Conference was a gathering of the global community of innovators and pioneers in the fields of architecture, design and engineering.


machine minds

Before our eyes we are seeing the emergence of a new kind of intelligence, one that has become a part of our everyday lives, and is in many ways an extension of our own into a different mind.

The new mind will be able to learn at fantastic rates, have unbounded creativity, travel to distant worlds, decide to be embodied or not, alter its own behaviour or experience, and perhaps live forever.

Whether humans are directly collaborating with, or indirectly authoring, such computationally intelligent agents, they have the power to be an active partner or tool in design creativity. Machine learning can blur the traditional relationship between a designer and their tools, each learning from the other, adapting, and changing their behaviours or beliefs.

At sg2018, human and computational intelligences will interact with each other and the physical world through robotics, vision, sensing, language, materials, and design - all of which are interfaces between digital minds and physical matter.

We will explore the impact of computational intelligence on the future of architectural design, and how machine minds will improve the world we live in.


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university of toronto

Our host for sg2018 is the University of Toronto, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design.With renowned programs in architecture, art, landscape architecture, and urban design, the University of Toronto’s John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design is a hub for interdisciplinary education, research, and outreach focused on the making of more environmental, beautiful, and socially sustainable cities. Located in downtown Toronto on the western edge of U of T’s St. George Campus, this dynamic laboratory for research and creative practice is home to many of Canada’s most innovative architects, landscape architects, artists, curators, and urban designers. The Faculty’s new building is now in the final stages of restoration, renovation, and reinvention. Designed by the Boston-based architecture firm NADAAA in collaboration with ERA Architects and Adamson & Associates, the Daniels Building is an urban design exemplar and international focal point that has already received broad critical acclaim.


sg2018 team

Host Committee

Nicholas Hoban, UoT
Brady Peters, UoT
Richard Sommer, UoT

smartgeometry directors

Shane Burger, Woods Bagot
Jane Burry, Swinburne University
Xavier De Kestelier, Hassell Studio
Brady Peters, University of Toronto
Samuel Wilkinson, Foster + Partners
Rob Woodbury, Simon Fraser University